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Hogs, Bucks, and Ducks

Swamp Devil Outfitters

Your Premier Destination for Exceptional Hunting Experiences

Your Premier Destination for Exceptional Hunting Experiences

Welcome to Swamp Devil Outfitters, where hunting meets luxury in the heart of the Neuse River low grounds. As the newest outfitting service in the region, we've upheld a tradition of excellence, hosting some of the top local outfitters on our privately owned property for over a decade.

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We maintain year-round baiting with corn feeders and local sweet potatoes, ensuring that your hunting grounds are prime and enticing. Choose from a range of hunting experiences, from high ground hunts to the captivating allure of scenic bottom land and swamp hunting.

Join us at Swamp Devil Outfitters, where your pursuit of the ultimate hunting experience begins. Discover the thrill of the hunt like never before on our pristine property. Your adventure awaits, and we're here to make it extraordinary!

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YOUR experience

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Upon arrival, you'll have the opportunity to meet with your dedicated outfitter. They will be your guide, ensuring you have a memorable and successful hunting experience.

Property Exploration

Your outfitter will take you on a tour of our expansive property, showcasing the diverse landscapes and prime hunting spots. Get a feel for the untamed wilderness you're about to explore.

4-Wheeler Ride to &

from Your Stand

Experience the thrill of a short 4-wheeler ride to your designated hunting stand. It's a journey through the rugged beauty of our hunting grounds, setting the tone for your hunting adventure.

Hunt Into the Night

The choice is yours! Hunt into the night and stay out as long as you'd like, Our priority is your safety and satisfaction, ensuring you have an exceptional hunting experience.

Our Team

Our Team of experienced outfitters stands ready to assist you at every step of your hunt. From setting you up in your stands to expertly tracking, retrieving, and skinning your kill, we are dedicated to ensuring your hunting adventure is not just successful but truly memorable.

Tailored to your Group

Our hunts are designed for a minimum of 2 hunters and can accommodate up to 4. Whether you prefer weekday or weekend hunts, we offer flexibility to suit your schedule.

Wild Boar

Rich Bounty

Our hunting grounds are teeming with an incredible array of wildlife. Venture into our carefully managed hunting spots and witness the natural abundance that characterizes Swamp Devil Outfitters. Whether it's the thrill of a hog hunt, the elegance of a buck hunt, or the excitement of waterfowl, our diverse landscape ensures a rewarding hunting experience.

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Ask about our meal packages and explore a variety of dining options at SwampDevil Outfitters. Whether you prefer comforting home-cooked meals or crave an elaborate wild game dinner, we've got the perfect culinary offerings to enhance your hunting adventure.

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24/7 Hunting

Hogs, our prized prey, are known to be most active at night. To maximize your harvest chances, we recommend equipping yourself with infrared technology or thermal vision. Rest assured, the action doesn't stop when the sun rises. Our feeders operate 24 hours a day, guaranteeing abundant daytime activity for dedicated hunters like you.

Unleash your inner hunter.

Hunting memories start here.

With an abundance of hogs, every shot is a thrilling opportunity

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Discover the perfect blend of rugged comfort and modern luxury at Swamp Devil Outfitters. Our onsite cabins are more than just a place to rest - they're a retreat where you can recharge after a thrilling day in the wild. Tucked at the heart of our domain, these cabins offer easy access to the hunting action. Imagine a rustic escape with the convenience of modern amenities – that's what our cabins are all about. Equipped with everything you need, from cozy sleeping arrangements to a modern bathroom, our cabins are strategically located for a swift transition between comfort and the thrill of the hunt.

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Hunting stands

Embrace the heart-pounding excitement of the hunt at Swamp Devil Outfitters from our well-placed stands. Designed for the hunter seeking both comfort and the thrill of the chase, our enclosed box stands with roofs provide the ideal vantage point. Sheltered from the elements, you can focus on what truly matters: the hunt. Strategically positioned across our vast property, these stands are within a stone's throw from the cabins, allowing you to make your way to the action easily. We keep all stands baited year-round, using a mix of local sweet potatoes and corn feeders, creating an irresistible draw for game.

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the Ultimate Waterfowl Experience

For the waterfowl enthusiast, Swamp Devils offers an unrivaled hunting experience with our fully covered duck blinds. Nestled within the swamp, these blinds provide the perfect concealment and protection to immerse yourself in the excitement of duck hunting. Just like our stands, our duck blinds are strategically located for prime waterfowl action. We understand the importance of a successful duck hunt, which is why our blinds are meticulously designed to enhance your chances. Join us for an unforgettable waterfowl adventure amidst the untamed beauty of our hunting grounds.

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Now Booking for 2024!

Prime dates fill up quickly, so don't miss out. Secure your spot for the upcoming hunting season!

Now Booking for 2024!

Prime dates fill up quickly, so don't miss out. Secure your spot for the upcoming hunting season!


Hog with tusks icon isolated wild boar silhouette

Now Booking for 2024!

Prime dates fill up quickly, so don't miss out. Secure your spot for the upcoming hunting season!

Now Booking for 2024!

Prime dates fill up quickly, so don't miss out. Secure your spot for the upcoming hunting season!

Discover the thrill of hunting in the heart of Johnston County's N.C. Low Grounds. Our exceptional hunting experience is complemented by modern cabins, multiple stand locations, and on-site skinning facilities.

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Swamp Devil OutFitters Gallery:

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My son's first hog hunt. It was a great experience and fun times. Accommodations and stands were first rate. We highly recommend.

-Ron Rosso


Witness the Hunt:

A Gallery of Triumphs and Wildlife Wonders. Updated regularly, capturing the abundance of hogs, bucks, and ducks through the lens of our game cameras.

Swamp Devil Outfitters
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Hogs, Bucks, and Ducks

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